Credentials / 奇迹事迹

By chance using Psychomantic powers in Fengshui & Geomancy, this Credit should be accredited to Master Charlie's only disciple Zhang Ze Bin (before setting up Fo Tang) from Shanxi Province (17 yrs old then).

In year 2010, Ze Bin's father approached Master Charlie for consultation as he was recommended by his business partner whom has received Miraculous help from Master Charlie before. When Ze Bin's father consulted Master Charlie in doubt then, he asked about his 3 children's destiny ! After writing down their names & Bazi, Master Charlie began to chant in Sanskrit. Immediately, Master Charlie asked about his youngest son, Ze Bin's health condition ! Saying that he has some Brain problem. Not willing to admit, he only says that Ze Bin is rather slow in learning !

Master Charlie suggests bringing him for a Brain scan before further advice can be provided ! Left with no choice, 2 weeks later, his father called and says that the scanning results show that Ze Bin has Brain Atrophy, which in medical history, there's no cure ! His father realized the seriousness then, pleaded Master Charlie for help ! On consulting Goddess of Mercy, the only solution is to take Ze Bin in as disciple and stay with Master Charlie to learn chanting and be Blessed by his Magical Sanskrit everyday till he reaches 21 years old !

Miraculously, after chanting and blessed by Master Charlie, a year later, scanning results show that he has recovered about 70% ! In year 2014, after celebrating his 21st birthday, Ze Bin is now back home in Shanxi with his family continuing with daily chanting on his own ! (Because of Ze Bin, Master Charlie set up the current Fo Tang in Guangxi Nanning in order for Ze BIn to chant and be blessed daily, which now benefits many more people with problems & in distress seeking help, not only effective but some having Miracles).



在2010年,泽斌父亲经他的生意伙伴介绍,找查理师父求助 !起初,他的父亲是带着有点试探的意思来求助。当时,只询问关于他三个孩子将来的运程而已 !想先听师父能怎样来解答 !等他把名和八字写下后,查理师父就用神奇之梵文念起咒语,掐指一算,有点困惑的问他父亲,小儿子泽斌的脑是否有问题 !不愿承认,只说泽斌智商有点低 !其实,他父亲心里有数,早怀疑泽斌的脑是有点问题。查理师父建议他父亲带泽斌去做脑部检查和扫描才能够进一步破天机告知 。两周后,他父亲告诉查理师父,扫描结果显示泽斌有明显的脑萎缩(到目前为止,脑萎缩医学上还没药可医 !患者最终会变成痴呆,不能自理)。这下子,泽斌父亲真诚的求助师父了!查理师父请示準提佛母后,唯一能救助他化解的办法就是要收他徒弟,留在查理师父身边学念经。而且,每天给他念神奇梵文经咒加持,直到二十一岁才能渡过这一劫 !

说也奇,泽斌原本不爱理人而且有点自闭却答应来南宁留在查理师父身边学念经。一年后,他爸再带他去做脑部扫描时,医生说他奇迹般恢复百分之70%!2014年的六月底,查理师父给泽斌庆祝完二十一生日后,他告别师父回山西跟家人团聚了!泽斌至今,每天还继续念经抄经文!当初,在南宁设立佛堂主要是为了提供场所给泽斌修行。佛堂至今,无形中已利益了很多人,甚至有的还得到奇迹效果 !)