Psychomancy Master / 神通通灵师

In year 2004, Master Charlie received Blessings from Cundi Bodhisattvas (Cundi Guanyin) overnight, and possessed Psychomantic powers chanting Mantra & Sutra in Sanskrit. And was also Blessed with mysterious flow of Qi in his body which enables him to display Qigong movements freely ! By chance of compassion, he used the Psychomantic powers in Fengshui & Geomancy in Guangxi China during his 8 years business venture there, helping many people in distress achieving Miracles ! 

(Psychomancy - derived from 2 Greek words; 'Psycho' meaning Psychic or Unusual powers of Soul or Mind. 'Mancy' meaning Psychic Sensing).

在2004年,查理师父有幸在一夜之间,得到準提佛母 (十八臂观音) 的加持,得予顿悟而授予神通 !不但能念出一口从未学过的流利梵文经咒和打出各式手印,而且还拥有一股神秘的气流在他体内顺畅的打出气功来 !在中国广西经商的八年期间,机缘巧合,以神通和通灵之术用于风水命理,神算解难及灵异法事,帮了很多人, 而且也创造了一些奇迹效果 !

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