Toaist Temple / 道教神坛 January 27, 2016 15:34

A few years ago, a village local Geomancer having trust and known Master Charlie for a few years, requested Master Charlie to help him set up a Toaist temple in order to benefit the villagers. After consulting Goddess of Mercy, an auspicious date was chosen and Master Charlie brought along a few deciples to help set up the temple, naming 'Xing Cang Temple'.

几年前,有位乡村的风水师,认识和信任查理师父有段时日了。为了利益村里的村民,请查理师父帮设一个道教神坛。查理师父请示了观音菩萨后,在观音菩萨所赐之吉日吉时,带了弟子们到村里布置神坛 。请了观音菩萨像,东狱大帝像,张天师像和五方五将军并开光 ! 神坛就以观音菩萨所赐之名 '星苍神坛' 开始在村里服务群众 !