Happy Openning Ceremony / 开业大吉 July 31, 2015 11:56


In Guangxi Nanning, Wanxiu Village,yesterday was the Openning Ceremony for this newly-built apartment (Baolong Jinpin Apt) as well as thanksgiving to the Earth God for all the Blessings rendered ! Last year, while the building was under construction, misadventures and problems arises and work was almost halted due to some reasons. Master Charlie was consulted while he was away back in Singapore. Using his Supernatural power in summoning the Earth God, solutions and compromised was achieved. Immediately, they did all prayers to the Earth God as instructed and within 5 days, all problems ceased !

在广西南宁万秀村,堡龙金品公寓开业大吉并敬拜土地公和土地婆 !去年,这楼房在建设中时 , 遇到了一些麻烦事。差点就被逼迫停工 !还好,后来请教于查理师父(当时师父在新加坡)。师父在千里外,以通灵之术请来万秀村的土地公,了解情况和得到解决办法后立刻吩咐他们去拜敬土地公/婆。 奇迹般,在五天内一切问题困难都化解了 ! (南宁阿龙弟子)